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The quickest way to increase revenue is by selling more to your existing clients. You can now add copywriting to your list of services and outsource all of the hard work to us.

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Steve and Paul

When you’re looking for a white label partner, what you’re really looking for is a team you can rely on to do the hard-work for you.

Meet Steve Pailing

With a long background honing his skills in the design and print industry, creating everything from logos to brochures, Steve knows just how much work goes into building a business.

25 years might seem like a long time to be doing this stuff, but this is the kind of commitment and experience successful businesses are made with. He knows what makes a business work because he’s been running one for more than 12 years.

Steve has also been working with Paul Green on all of his brands since 2009, when you get something sent from Paul – Steve has designed it!

So, why is Steve giving himself more work to do with MSP Copywriting Services? Because he can. His passion for building successful businesses keeps him moving forward. When other people are dreaming of a holiday, he’s dreaming up new ideas.

And if you’re thinking, “Actually, I’d like to have the time for a holiday”, then maybe Steve can help you find that time.

Meet Paul Charnock

When most people choose to learn a new language, they pick French or Spanish. Not Paul. He chose HTML, and for him, it was the language of love. OK, maybe not love, but it was definitely his kind of language.

From there, it was web design courses and creating websites that filled his waking hours. You know someone’s found their passion when they’re doing something for a hobby which, to other people, sounds like work. Paul’s relationship with web design blossomed into a long-term career, helping businesses to grow.

Now, along with Steve, he’s set up MSP Copywriting Services to provide first-class services and support to businesses like yours.

So why, after a successful career that spans 15 years, would Paul want to begin this new venture? Well, that’s the thing with techy people; they like to keep finding ways to do things better and smarter. Also, it’s a good excuse to drink more coffee.


You Need Blogs on Your Website

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is through consistent blogging.

To improve your Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s be frank; if search engines can’t find you, your potential customers can’t either.

Blogging is one of the best tools at your disposal for creating fresh, unique content. This content is useful for your customers, but even more so for search engines. The more content you create, the more search engines will be crawling and indexing your site. And what’s more, blogs are the ideal place to insert your preferred keywords naturally.

To build a relationship with your customers

The more opportunities your customers have to interact with your company and the services it offers, the more you’ll build up a relationship. And you want that relationship to be a good one.

By building up your blog content, you’ll be offering your readers something extra. Rather than feeling as though you’re simply selling them a product, they’ll feel as though you’re giving them the solutions to a problem. Your customers will have the opportunity to engage with you, by reading your content and commenting on it.

To become a trusted voice in your industry

You want to be more than just a player in your industry. You want to be the voice of it. And you can’t be that without proving you have the right knowledge. Blogs provide the ideal platform for your business to show off its expertise to your customers.

We can help you build up insightful and useful content on your blog, to ensure you become the most valuable resource in your industry. A trusted company is one that brings in customers.

To help people understand and feel connected to your brand

Brand loyalty is clearly something we all want from our customers. Blogging can help you achieve that. It’s a great platform for getting across your message in a more nuanced way. You can show who you are, and what you’re about, without bombarding your customers with salesy spiel.

By reading your blogs, your readers will be investing their time with you, and they’ll become more connected to you as a brand.

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How it Works

It couldn’t be easier. Complete our straightforward form with your requirements, providing as much detail as you can. Then, let us get to work.
Once we’ve got your content, we’ll do the proofing. We always use Copyscape, so you can be sure your content is truly unique.
Based on your requirements, we’ll source the right writer for your subject area. They’ll do what they’re best at, and hand it back to us, ready to meet your deadline.
You’ll receive the content from us. Give us your feedback, and when we’re confident you’re happy with it, we’ll consider it job done.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for a white label partner, what you’re really looking for is a team you can rely on to do the hard-work for you.

It isn’t limited to blog posts. Your business needs to stay at the forefront, and to do that, you need to promote your business through your words. Copywriting can involve your website, brochures, ads, and any other part of your branding that needs convincing copy to make it work. And that’s where our copywriting services come in.

The short answer is yes. If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your site, engage with your audience more, and become a valuable resource in your field, you need regular blog posts. How often you decide to publish posts is up to you, but once or twice a week suits many clients.

A post should be over 300 words to be picked up by search engines, but how long you want a post to be will depend on the topic. A good-quality post on an in-depth subject could be around 1,000 words, but 500 words is usually a suitable length to explore a topic and keep a reader’s attention.

Once the piece is ready, you’ll receive a link allowing you to access it. We can also upload your content to your blog for you.

We like to work with our customers to make sure they get the content they want, when they need it. As a guide, three days is enough time for us to line up the right writer, do the necessary proofing, and hand you the finished piece. If something crops up and you need content quicker, then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. In some cases, there may be a small fee for a speedy turnaround.

We don’t just want you to be content with your content. We want you to love it. So, if you think something needs to be changed, we’re happy to oblige. Of course, we’ll always do what’s best for your business and guide you on those changes.

Of course. If this suits your company and budget, we’re happy to edit your work for you. Just book a call to discuss your needs.

Just the obvious! Anything that will cause offence, such as racist or homophobic content. And anything ethically dubious, such as fake reviews.